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Covid-19 Situation

A message from FACT 

To all our clients, volunteers and supporters, we wish to say a huge thank you for your continued help and well wishes at this time. The impact of this virus has affected everyone in so many ways and continues to do so.
Despite the limitations and restrictions laid down in Tenerife, anyone who is living with or who is affected by cancer, the need for treatment, tests, hospital appointments, having the right nutrition, help in the home or just someone to talk to remains unchanged. Throughout this, the wonderful medical support provided by the hospitals in Tenerife is continuing despite everything else they and their staff are dealing with.

See the calendar launch event details

FACT are here to provide support to anyone who is affected by cancer as we have done as an organisation for the past five and a half years. We, along with the majority of the charitable groups on the island, are out there helping. We are only able to do this with your continued support. By now we would have hosted and attended numerous events and hosted our monthly meetings, but all this has been put on hold for now.
For anyone who is going through cancer you can contact FACT through our Facebook pages, Fighting Against Cancer Tenerife, Website contact form or FACT Mobile (+34) 604 18 67 16.
For anyone wishing to lend their services and support please get in touch.
For those who are able or wanting to donate to FACT this can be done via the FACT Facebook page or Website using the donate option which is linked to PayPal.
The reasons FACT was formed remain the same today as the day it was launched.
Stay safe
With love from all at FACT

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Fresh from the FACT's Facebook Page.

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Touch-Free Menus that help Support FACT!

The latest (14 August) restatement and introduction of Covid-19 restrictions includes the need to eliminate physical menus that may be handled by multiple customers. This is only sensible and very easily achieved! 

Have a QR code that brings up your menu on customer's SMARTPHONES. (QR codes are those squares that have black and white areas in them - see below)

They only touch their own phone and have all of your menu on their screen.
And, alongside your menu is an advert encouraging your customers to donate/support FACT.

If you are interested, please contact FACT

This is what it looks like!

Placeholder Picture

A QR Code that will display your menu on your customer's phone. Scan the image above to see what it will be like.

Just use a QR Scanner app on a smartphone, open the link and there is your menu/winelist. The QR can be on each table (laminated or under a glass top) or a larger version hung on the wall.
You and your customers can get a QR scanner from Play Store or Apple Store for FREE.
Your customers will need internet access via your internet or their own mobile internet.

The FACT website hosts the page with your menu on it. All we need is pictures of each page of your menu, and a picture of your bar/restaurant.

FACT will do this for FREE
- a donation would be nice!
Contact us if you are intereted

For other ways to support FACT please go to our donations page!

You can also buy on-line from our official store!
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